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The Haliburton portable spa is the ultimate in portable hot tubs. This spa is an excellent family and entertainment spa with a powerful 1.5kw heated air blower that injects millions of heated, soothing bubbles into the hot tub providing relaxation, massage and soft tissue therapy. This hottub is excellent for skin therapy, exfoliating and opening up the skins blood vessels to increase blood flow and clear toxins from your skin. This 6-8 person spa features a unique design making it truly portable.


Specifications Holding capacity: 6-8 adults (more small children)

  • Size: 193cm x 193cm x 73cm motor housing on one end
  • Dry weight: 85kg
  • Filled weight: 1686kg
  • Heater type: 1.5kw high output heater
  • Aromatherapy: Dispencer included
  • Cover: Thermal. tapered cover with safety locks
  • Capacity: 423 gallons / 1600 litres

  • Cabinet skirt: Wood effect Durawood
  • Number of air jets: 135 micro massage jets
  • Number of water jets: 1
  • Controls: Electronic digital display
  • Pump type: Continuous daily
  • Blower type: 1.5hp heated air blower
  • Temperture: Ajustable from 27c to 40c
  • Heat up time: 24hrs-48hrs dependent on water temp
  • Shape: Octagonal
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