Rent A Hot Tub Requirements

8 Small steps to consider before you book a tub with ourselves:
  • We need a Debris free, flat area of 3m squared (8ft) to be able to site the hot tub safely. This can either be on a patio or lawn
  • Area able to support 1686kg.
  • Access to a standard 13amp electric house socket outside or through a window.
  • Access to a water supply and drain.
  • Safe, secure area.
  • Access to site, a normal sized doorway or gate is fine as the tubs come in sections and get built back up again.
  • We also need one person available on delivery of the hot tub to show them how it works, how to add chemicals and clean the filters.
  • Delivery is 1 day before the first use day in the summer and 2 days before in the winter to allow the tub to heat up.
  • If we have access to the tub and a power supply and our hot tub has been left unplugged then nobody needs to be in for collection.